Reasons to Move Toward Online Healthcare

In this economy, we are all looking for ways to save money. We are using new avenues to change up our normal price-grubbing routines in order to pinch a penny here and there. With the accessibility of the web, it is easy to comparison shop and find where the legitimately good deals really are. The only wonder is why aren’t more industries moving towards web-based support and care? Look at the healthcare industry. With so much money being spent and people worried about where every dime goes, why would we not try to move some of our health related needs online?

Hear me out. Think about the effort you have to commit to in order to see your physician for a basic prescription. You have to call ahead and book your appointment, sometimes not being able to get in for weeks on end. When your appointment comes you need to travel to and from the physician’s office. And then the inevitable happens….you wait. Yes, the waiting room is the first stop on the hang-out-in-the-office-for-longer-than-expected train. There, you refill out your medical history and patient information and then dutifully read an old magazine hoping that the next creak of the door will the back office nurse calling your turn. When she (or he) finally does show up, you are scuttled to your room where you inevitably wait some more for the physician to enter. When the physician does arrive, it is usually a series of questions about your health, a peek at your chart, and a quick physical that could hardly be called a serious exam. All in all, the physician is in and out of your room in less than 10 minutes before you are back in the hall waiting to receive your prescription and pay your co-pay.

This process is exhausting and is truly a misuse of valuable time. In our world time is money, and this hackneyed method is proving costly in this corner and beyond. With the average price of gas up to $3.18 per gallon, driving is becoming an extremely costly expenditure. Not only are you driving to and from the physician’s office, but to drop off and pick up your prescription as well. When you think about all the microcosms that you are paying for (time, gas, co-pay, medication) in order to get on simple prescription filled, it practically begs for a more progressive, cost-friendly way to be brought up from the abyss.

The internet should be utilized in order to mitigate some of these extraneous costs. There are plenty of medications that are prescribed without a physical and are solely based on a patient’s medical history. Why not create an online healthcare system that mimics a face-to-face medical history exam? This would allow physicians to complete their due diligence to the patient and even reduce some of the costs they endure by keeping their doors physically open. This would also greatly alleviate the innumerable costs a patient encounters in the current practice of obtaining a prescription.

Think about it. What if you could just go to the web to obtain your prescription without all the superfluous hassle? You could go online at any time that is convenient to you, select the medication that you are looking for (such as birth control pills, or hair growth pills) and complete a medical exam from the comfort of your own home. Pay the fee for the medication and exam all at once, and wait for approval. From there, the physician would review your file and if they decide to prescribe, they send the prescription off to a pharmacy. The pharmacy would ship you your medication, and bim-bam-boom, you’re done.

No time lost, no paying for extra gas at the pump, and no separate fees all over the place. Online healthcare would be an effective and simple cost-effective process. And who doesn’t like simpler, faster and better; especially when there is time and money to be saved.

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